ValiTab Services

Third Party HVAC Services


  • Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (T.A.B).
  • Cleanroom Performance Testing and Qualification.
  • ANSYS FLUENT CFD Simulation & Design Review
  • Calibration Service for Gauges and Sensors (SOON).
  • Direct Involvement:

Direct involvement, if required, in assisting consulting engineers to system design improvements, systems analysis and trouble shooting.

  • Complete System Analysis:

Complete systems analysis by qualified engineers to trouble shoot, and correct systems deficiency (if any) DURING TAB work, and BEFORE issuing final report.

Testing, Adjusting & Balancing Works

Performance tests are performed for HVAC equipment in addition to air and water flow volumes that are associated with the HVAC Systems are measured and adjusted to meet the design values determined by the mechanical engineers.

  1. Air Test, Adjust, and Balance for

Supply fans, Return fans, Exhaust fans, Variable air volume boxes (VAV), Terminal air boxes (TAB) Boxes, Variable volume Supply system, Constant volume system, Stairwell pressurization, Duct leakage testing, Balancing air system that uses Diversity.

  1. Hydronic Test, Adjust, and Balance.
  2. Temperature & Relative Humidity Measurement

( Temperature measurement of THERMAL OVENS is Available ).

  1. Noise Level Measurement.
  2. Vibration Level Measurement.

TAB Instruments:

Air Capture Hood.

•Rotating Vane Anemometer.

•Laser Tachometer.

•Clamp meter.

•Water Flow meter.

•Pitot Tube Anemometer.

•Differential Pressure Manometer.

•Thermometers ( Various Ranges ) .

•Sound level meter.


•Vibration meter.

Cleanroom Validation

1-Filter Installation Leak Tests:

The purpose of the filter installation integrity test is to ensure and confirm that the filter system is properly installed by verifying the absence of bypass leakage in the installation, and that the filters are free of defects and pinhole leaks. 

2-Airborne Particle Count Cleanliness Classification Test– ISO STANDARD 14644 :

The airborne particle count cleanliness classification test is performed to determine the actual particle count level within the facility at the time of the test (As-Built, At-Rest, or Operational).

3-Room Pressurization Tests:

This test is performed to setup the air movement control between areas.

4-Recovery time test:

The purpose of the recovery test is to determine the amount of time that is necessary for non-unidirectional cleanrooms or clean spaces and their systems to reach a specified steady state cleanliness level after a brief particle generation event within the clean space.

5-Airflow Parallelism test:

The purpose of the airflow parallelism test is to show the actual airflow pattern throughout the unidirectional cleanroom.

6-Thermal Mapping:

The purpose of this test is to show the actual temperature distribution in the zone at certain points, and it can be simulated on a CFD software using these readings to give the temperature distribution for the entire zone.

7-Lighting Intensity test.

8-Sound Level test.

9-Relative Humidity test.

10-Qualification Protocols:

  • Design Qualification (DQ)
  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • Performance Qualification (OQ)


Whether it is part of CLEANROOM VALIDATION or not, Our professional, Certified Engineers can create a highly accurate and reliable simulation with different scenarios if needed for any type of zones and air systems to predict & modify any variables needed in order to make the system achieve the design specifications.

Using the latest CFD flow modeling techniques, VALITAB has the ability to provide in-depth engineering analysis of complex fluid flows, including detailed flow characteristics like velocity, pressure, turbulence, temperature, and species concentration for internal or external flows.

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